API Documentation Assignment

Assignment Title:

The Movie Database (TMDb) API Documentation

In this assignment, you will create API documentation for The Movie Database (TMDb) API using Postman or any API platform you can use (Eg, Readme,Postman), a popular movie and TV show database API.

The goal is to teach you how to access and document real-world APIs effectively.

Postman guide: Read this article to understand postman as a beginner


Please use an interactive API platform, where users can test without leaving the platform.


  • Basic understanding of API concepts.
  • Familiarity with Markdown for documentation.

Assignment Tasks:

1. Sign Up for TMDb API Access:
  • Sign up for a TMDb API key by visiting TMDb API.
2. Explore TMDb API Documentation:
  • Review the official TMDb API documentation to understand the available endpoints and how to use the API.
3. Create an API Overview:
  • Write a brief introduction to the TMDb API, explaining its purpose and key features.
  • Provide an example use case for the TMDb API.
4. Document Endpoints:
  • Document all the TMDb API (e.g., searching for movies, retrieving movie details, listing genres, etc.)
  • For each endpoint, provide the following information:
    • Endpoint URL
    • HTTP Method
    • Request Parameters
    • Request Headers (including the API key)
    • Response Status Codes
    • Response Body (sample JSON response)
    • Authentication Requirements (using the API key)
    • Example Request
    • Example Response (sample JSON response)
5. Explain Rate Limiting:
  • Describe any rate limiting or usage restrictions imposed by the TMDb API.
6. Add Usage Guidelines:
  • Provide guidelines on best practices for using the TMDb API effectively and responsibly.
7. Include Testing Instructions:
  • Suggest methods for testing the TMDb API, such as writing test scripts.
8. Submission Guidelines:
  • Format your documentation using Markdown.
  • Submit your documentation via this link


  • TMDb API documentation: TMDb API Documentation

  • API documentation class 1

  • API documentation class 2

  • Document API docs using Readme.io and Postman

Submission Deadline: No Deadline