These fantastic folks volunteered their time and skills to create this Open Source Technical Writing Course for Beginners.

It’s packed with useful stuff and totally FREE for everyone!


Meet the Authors:

  • Susan Odii:: Susan is a passionate frontend developer who loves simplifying complex concepts, making them more accessible and resonant for her readers.

  • Temitope Victoria: Temitope is an experienced and certified IT professional. She is skilled in Technical Writing, Search Engine Optimization, and Cloud Computing.

  • Blessing Ene Anyebe: Blessing is a well-rounded tech person with skills that include design and frontend engineering. Currently she focuses on Technical Writing, API documentation, and Search Engine Optimization.

  • Rejoice Anodo: Rejoice focuses on curating technical written content for B2B SaaS companies.

  • Love Otudor: an Android developer and technical writer. She is a Women Techmakers Ambassador and Google Developers Group co-organizer.

  • Prince Onyeanuna: Prince is a technical writer and DevOps engineer who believes in the power of showing up. He is passionate about helping others learn and grow through writing and coding.

  • Akorede Da silva: Akorede is an experienced and multi-disciplinary designer, product manager, XR developer and Technical writer. He is an XRI Ambassador and also a community manager for Extend Africa (An XR community), Checkmate Africa, and Designers DAO.

  • Peace Sandy: Peace Sandy is a software developer who loves to break down technical jargon into simpler terms through writing. She is a technical writer who loves research, and is highly skilled in writing technical articles, how-to manuals, API documentation, tutorials, and release notes.

  • Ruth Charles: A skilled Technical writer and DevOps engineer, with a passion for learning, solving problems, and helping others understand complex information through writing.

Why free?

We believe everyone deserves to learn tech writing, no matter what! So grab this open-source course and unlock your future in tech writing.